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May 15, 2008



I've missed you!

On the other hand it sounds like you're having a great time and blogland can always wait. I'm sure most people spend less time online when the weather gets nice. Love the little dreaming and such synopsis. Great way to see a snapshot of what you're up to.


I love all those blogs too. They are full of so much inspiration and they remind me what I love about parenting and being a mom.

We are thinking of unschooling in France or at least I´m trying to sell Seb on it bit by bit. We sort of follow all the ideas of that at home anyway and S is really blossoming into a creative thinking little man. I love seeing that.

Enjoy your Spring weather!


That cake looks yummmmm


Yeah-glad your back!


it's nice to see you again! take your time, we're still here!


What a fantastic plate!


MMM your backyard looks so sunny and green..lovely


omg, that cake! that bike basket full of yummies from the earth. mmmmmm.
so glad you are lovin' life. that's what it's all about, to be filled to the brim, overflowing with abundance.

how to expatriate

The cake in the picture looks pretty stunningly delicious! As well as the lettuce in the wagon. I certainly agree with you, being away from computer is a nice way to relax and have some fun. and biking as well and garden works too. It is just fun to have some fun even just once in a while and forget about anything else in the world. so start spending time now with yourself or with loved ones because there is no easy way to relax than be with them or just with yourself.

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