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April 11, 2008



I got my ears pierced only 6 months ago, and I'm 35. My boyfriend led me out the house saying he had a surprise...he took me to a street with: a petshop, music shop, real estate agents, tattoo parlour, and bridal shop.

We passed the real estate agents (ok, so no surprise house) and I was just thinking "yippeee! a kitten!! a wedding!!" when he stopped outside the tattoo parlour and looked at me.

Two minutes later I was lying on my back bleeding from my earlobes;



ps what camera do you have? it takes gorgeous photos...


Love the photo of those cups-reminds me of some we had when I was a kid. And yes-HATE those little wooden spoons, can hardly think about it!


Egads my comment disappeared. Love the 2 pics, cutting away mold (cept bread, the spores get throughout, must toss it) and spaghetti breakfast (but heat it up, woman! and have some scrambled eggs on the side...). Kalamazoo...my mom lived there for a bit.


I had my ears pieced at 40 and again at 41 (4 holes total). Now I have lots of earrings but I still wear the same 4 pairs -- that is, if I remember to put them in.


I'd much rather say I'm from Kalamazoo than where I was born - Normal. Yes, that's the name of the town.

poppy fields

Love that photo.
I never liked popsiickle sticks. After a good popsickle how disappointing it is to end up with that bad tasting stick.


Nice colour! :)


gorgeous photos and funny post. :)
the moldy bit? you are must better than me. for some reason, i can do it if its on cheese - just cut off the moldy bit. plus, it seems cheese is sort of a kind of mold in a way. haha.
i also tried to go by a different name and it totally didnt' work out. people who knew me by leigh would just look at me strangly when i tried to go by my other way. i was all "PEOPLE! can you just go along with it? you are ruining my mojo!"


You think Kalamazoo sounds weird? try Ramapo!

1) In high school I seduced two teachers by using poetry (those women are forever etched in my psyche) and am a legend spoken in hushed whispers at that school to this day.
2) I love peanut butter and syrup sandwiches
3.) The sound of wet rubber is like nails on a chalk board to me
4.) I'm the goto wingman and matchmaker of the free world
5.) The sound of women rolling their "r's" or purring is an instant turn on to me
6.) I did televised teenage debates on pbs
7.) I refused to learn how to play basketball because when I moved to Montana everyone would say "oh you must be really good at basketball because you're black" and to this day suck (though I'm a kick a$$ wrestler! lol!)


I so love that picture!!

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Wow, they are indeed 7 weird things! But i guess they are not as weird as it seem to be. We may call it 7 trivia as well. But still it is fun to know of these facts and they are pretty interesting as well. But what the heck, life is beautiful and there are so many things that can happen so it is just fun to jot them down and make fun of it.

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