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March 30, 2008



Oh wow, I want to cry. Feel like your living the life I want. Except your off to the mountains, and I find my heart calling for Big City Life. Beautiful Tiny Moments, thanks for sharing :)


wonderful. what an amazing weekend. i am truly jealous!


Beautiful photos! Love the bird book:) Hoping you guys find your way to the mountains. I'm a mountain girl at heart but didn't get to move there until I was 19 and since then most of my family resides in mountainous areas (or at least large hills:) I think it's a wonderful way to grow up. My three youngest sisters are under 12 years old so they have had the childhood I would have loved out in the country, in the mountains. We're Bob fans too. Jack always tell us which Bob is playing - Marley or Dylan:) We almost got him a shirt when he was a baby that said,"B is for Bob."


Oh yeah, the mountains..or at least nature. And spring is almost here, although there's such a wind blowing it doesn't feel like it. getting the urge to camp and sit in long grass in the sun...


I have a Bob Marley dvd that I play a lot and S loves it. Not only does he see him but he hears the music and imitates the dancing.


Lovely photos. Love the red scarf-so Parisian!


Ah, yes, the little things. Thank you. That will be my lesson for today.
And gorgeous earrings, by the way!


Lovely photos, especially the bird book one. I've never gotten the hang of photos where just the right areas are in focus. (oh, and I like the earings too)


We just got back - I hope you get to the mountains soon.

mrs. french

It was very nice seeing your world through film. My little one is into looking at reference books containing insects...it think birds would be much more pleasant.

Betty C.

The bird book photo is adorable. Such attention to detail at such a young age!

New-Yorkaise - Parisienne

Thanks for the inspiration! We all need to slow down more and notice the little things. :)


Beautiful. You seem to have the rare gift of carrying the magic of where you belong with you even when it seems so far away. I'll look forward to reading of your mountain-meant-to-be.

And, on another note, you have an exquisite mouth. Looks almost like an ad for lip balm.


I lived in France for a spell. I learned to love scarves there. Yours is beautiful.


I love your scarf! What is it made of?


I love your scarf! What is it made of?


I love your scarf! What is it made of?


I love your scarf! What is it made of?

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