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March 20, 2008



Good on you.
I love Chambéry. It's such a beautiful area.
I am sure you guys will find the right place for you.


wow. i am truly jealous of your current location, and dream location(s). have a wonderful weekend, and i look forward to reading more about what you and your family decide to do!


Wowo- inspiring stuff! We often feel that we're in the wrong town for us, itching to get on with it and build a house on our plot in Maine. It's been too long, so I share the feeling. Have you seen the French film, "To Be and To Have"- i watched it recently and fell in love with the small life, the setting, all of it. I can't wait to hear where you go . .


What an adventure. Enjoy the journey, wherever it takes you. I love that photo....how often do I feel like a white flower amoung oranges?


Have fun this weekend, we went through the whole finding a new home last year and the process was so much fun. The lists of places and discovering all the reasons why each one is perfect, until one stands out as the obvious one. Enjoy.


I hope that you take along for the adventure and share your explorations on the blog. I am so curious and can't wait to hear your stories. :)


I'm looking forward to living your adventures vicariously - both geographic, and personal, as this will surely bring about both.

MamaBird aka Jess T

Oh, love the sentiment. I am always coming to the realization that as I get older I just want to be true to myself -- I often catch myself thinking "Ah, this is the real me." Your train odyssey sounds lovely. I also hope you give us glimpses.


Oh, I'm so jealous. It's been snowing all day today. No tulips in sight. Whether it's a vacation or finding THE place it sounds like a fabulous trip filled with day dreams. I can't wait to hear more about it. We've gone back and forth over the years about moving away from the city. There are so many pros to both lifestyles it's hard to choose.


What an exciting thought!


I know exactly what you mean. That´s pretty much all we think about too--getting back home eventually.


awesome! good luck on your adventure :)

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