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March 10, 2008



This was fabulous! And so inspirational. I think this will be my next photo project. :) And what is cool about this project is that you can do it over and over again.


Oh, yeah. I wanted to comment on how clean your kitchen looks! :)


Thanks Aimee :) Yeah, it looks really clean doesn't it? I learned all of my cleaning tricks (or photography tricks) from you. (Ha-ha!) The 50mm lens is nice because you have such a narrow field of vision...I can keep all of the clutter out of the picture...


What a great DITL entry. My favorite pics are simple ones like the leeks and the sunlight on the fruit. Or maybe the ones that give context like the shots of the metro and the street scenes. Oh, those cobblestone streets, how lovely. I just know I would have had trouble pulling Seth away from those diggers. Maybe it was the combination of all of the aspects that pulled it together. I'm sure this was quite a bit of work. You did a fab job!


I love this!


That was so much fun! The photos were lovely! I hope you do it again soon.


thanks so much! i needed to live in france vicariously for a moment on a cold, minnesota, monday morning.


Anna - Thanks for the detailed comments. I didn't put much thought into what I would take photos of but after reading your comment I notice that it is a nice blend of quick moments, emotions, and context photos. Thanks for giving me a whole new perspective on the project.

Lesley and Teresa - Thanks! I definitely want to do it again!


Jen - The day of this project happened to be beautiful but today our weather is like yours...very blustery and cold. Where's spring? I'm off to check out your Etsy shop now. :)


What a lovely way to capture your life right now. My child was so entranced by Dan Zanes (and that particular dvd) when she was about 2 1/2 that she called us all by name with band aliases. I was Barbara and her father was Cynthia and our dog was Furry Colin. Her preschool teachers were mystified for some time as to our real names. Thank you for sharing - it's wonderful to see someone balancing work and child and life and ending up with peaceful watercolors and leek quiche at the end!

La Rêveuse

This was delightful, Sarah. It was like being there, again, "back home", if only for a minute. Oh, how I miss France... France me manque...

Love the last shot especially--the colors are fabulous. And the poster above Felix's head in the train--oh là là, c'est si français! Typique, non?


MamaBird - Your Dan Zanes story is hilarious! I really like Barbara -I'd be happy if Felix thought I sang as nice as her. :) I only work part-time and so does my husband for the most part so it is great that we find a way to both have lots of time with Felix and both split the work/household/kid care 50-50.

La Reveuse - That poster is great! It is an exposition about sexuality at Cite des Enfants. Tibo was just saying that he hopes something like that will be around when Felix is old enough - it starts at age 9! Thanks for stopping by my blog... :)

Mere Mortal

Oh, how I enjoyed your DITL and got to live vicariously through you for a few minutes. :)
And our household survives on Dan Zanes most every day.
Beautiful photos. The quiche sounds yummy and GIRL I am jealous of your beautiful city.
Please do this again soon!


What a great project and thank you for sharing your life in France. I love the stone streets - great shots all of them. I studied French in middle and high school, but 14 years later, I have a bit of a hard time remembering the language.


Hey miss Sarah! What a beautiful glimpse at your life! I hope that we can catch up soon-- and until then, keep it up - these are some gorgeous photographs!! (not to mention that lovely little boy who so sweetly poses for them!)


Just lovely! What you think is mundane, everyday stuff, looks really beautiful in these photos.


gorgeous photos - and a beautiful photo essay :^)

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