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March 26, 2008



oh wow. we used to have those little maurice sendak books, too, but they are long gone. the wave of nostalgia at seeing them above is very overwhelming...

books as heirlooms are very important to me as well. not very many of books from my childhood survived. with 3 other siblings, and active imaginations, they did not all make it. i have salvaged a few. some of my favorites i have purchased as an adult. one big favorite: a hole is to dig, which is illustrated by mr. sendak. i can still hear my grampa reading it to us. i have the copy from his home.

felix is a lucky little guy!


Oh jen - I'm so happy to bring back memories! Books can be so powerful - I too get overwhelmed sometimes when I come across books from my childhood, the memories just flood in. And unfortunately we have very few books from my childhood too. My MIL is one wise woman.

I definitely want to look for A Hole is to Dig - sounds like something Felix might be interested in!


Those books are so great, I'm having a bit of book envy. I feel I should explain... I go to bookstores in order to feel peaceful. Something like this in my life would be such treasure, and I am happy to see others in the world feel the same. Now I have to go watch those video links.... Have a good one!


carole king is so awesome, thanks for posting these great videos!


Oh man, I loved Harold and the Purple Crayon when I was younger. I haven't read it for years, maybe next time I'm in the states I'll grab it at the library or something.


I can't wait to watch the videos - I share your nostalgia for Sendak and Chicken Soup with Rice. One of the first plays I was in at summer camp, I was a tree in the forest for Where the Wild Things Are. Such treasures your MIL hung onto -- this is why I can never kill the sentimental pack rat in my soul. Lovely post!


Oh gorgeous! I love preloved books, they seem that much more special! Wonderful.


My sister had the Maurice Sendak little books and I had a set of little Christmas books. Somehow they got mixed up so, now we have the actual Nutshell Library box for the Sendak books but it is filled with my set of Christmas books. They are the perfect size. All of my kids loved these!


Wow what a great hand me down! We love the videos. Thanks for sharing.


Wow what a great hand me down! We love the videos. Thanks for sharing.


i can't resist tiny books!


Fabulous. Seth and I watched the videos together. We actually have the chicken soup one on a CD my sister made for Seth. It was fun to see him connect the two. As for the books, way to go MIL!


I love heirlooms. I have a small cabinet purchased along a country road. It has a little glass door with the sweetest little latch, inside I have propped and stacked books from my grandfather. I can duck my head inside the cabinet and be instantly transported back to his pal, or my grandmother/s. I can hear their voices reading me Pooh or Girl of the Limberlost. Such a treasure to give your little one!


Truly wonderful heirlooms! I love that the books are written in by family from the past:) The Nutshell books are so lovely. I like that he carries them around with him everywhere:)


My parents have been great about stocking my girls shelves with books that I hope they'll keep and cherish like you have.


Oh what lovely photos of books - the Man-Cub has quite a few beloved heirlooms as well and Mike Mulligan was one of his favorites too! I miss a lot of his children's books now that he's moved on to chapter books...

mrs. french

Harold is a family favorite. We also have the Nutshell library. I have fond memories of the Really Rosie series and searched high and low for the Carole King masterpiece. My dear friend pleasantly surprised me with the soundtrack. Wonderful!

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