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November 09, 2007



I go back and forth about my blog. When I start to feel the pressure to blog I just take a break. And remind myself that I have this blog to write down my thoughts for ME and no one else. I have toyed with the idea of closing my comments all together but then like you said I get good feedback and ideas flow from people who read my blog to me and that inspires me sometimes. And I have made friends through my blog and I think ultimately I hang on to my blog because of that too.

Your photography gets better everyday. Try to post a photo a week or twice a week. Open it up your comments for ideas? Or take the stress out and just close your comments. Use your blog as a creative space JUST FOR YOU.

I know that changes are not for all to read about on blogs but some experiences you have will be interesting and will inspire others. Something simple as a creative dinner you made or a photo you've taken can inspire.


Aimee, thanks for your feedback. I think you're right - there are lots of directions that I could take this blog that are more in line with my current interests in life: cooking, knitting, photography. I guess what I struggle with is that while I can understand just doing it for myself - for me - but I don't know if that is the best thing for me. What I mean is, how can this blog add to my life? Right now, anything that keeps me on the computer any longer than necessary is not a great idea but there are lots of other things worse than a blog that are responsible for that. I just wonder if it is really for me. I feel like I have other outlets to share with my friends whether it is the mom's group or Flickr or perhaps other future projects.

Part of me doesn't want to stop though and if I don't - then I think your ideas are definitely what I am looking to head towards. :)

Betty C.

Blogging should be fun. When it starts to feel like work, it's time to look at it in a different way...or take a break. Sometimes an official break -- announced on the blog -- can help you feel okay about going away for awhile, without feeling like you're dropping your project.

As for us bloggers out here, we wouldn't complain about people who were content to simply leave comments on our own blogs!


I've had a site/blog for seven years and I have this same discussion with myself more often than not. I'll go months sharing nearly every detail of my life on my blog, and then something heavy happens and I recoil. I ebb and flow. Although, more often, I ebb.

Lately I've been twittering and posting images to my Flickr account instead. You know, it's a lot easier, and it doesn't weigh on me like my blog did. I don't feel the "I need to update my site" stress. I just share what I want, when I want.

I recommend giving it a try -- especially the Flickr part. I love your photographs. They tell a story on their own -- you don't eve need words.


I totally understand your questions about blogging and the pressure. That feeling of comparison? Wow, I get it. I read some many amazing writers and am left feeling like I have nothing of value to add to the blogging community.
And then, I remind myself that I blog for me, to create a ritual and a safe place to release energy and words, as a diary for my daughters and a way to connect to so much love and wisdom. And then, occasionally someone will comment on how my post really resonated with them and that is like icing on the cake.
Also, perhaps it will make you feel better to know that I check blogs because I geniunely want to know how my friends are faring and what life is bringing them. I don't expect profound writing or wisdom, altho when that happens it's a lovely treat.
I honor your journey of quetioning - that shows you are conscientous and aware of your parenting and the way you spend your time. Good for you.


I understand and I like Krystyn's advice.


I love your photos, too. They definitely capture 'moments" and interactions that make me wonder what's going on outside behind the scene. Like in the above, what Felix and Tibo are chatting about that's got Felix twinkling.

I feel ya on the blogging...when you begin to feel, "I should blog today..." it's time for a break.

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