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September 03, 2007



I love cribbage. I used to play with my dad and my grandpa when I was little. We'll have to play a game some time.


Welcome to the Land of the Nightwalker.

I've been one all my life.

Hopefully, your stay will be temporary.

Freaky way to live.


I had one really bad year of no sleep (thankfully I didn't have children yet) and I took Valerian in the dropper form. You can also get Valerian tea. It's one of the main herbs for sleep. Hope you're counting sheep soon whatever you do!


I am missing that important deep sleep too. No sleep going on in our house lately.

Hope your first day of school went well!


Thanks everyone...last night went better but I can't remember the last time that I just fell asleep once I was in bed. I remember doing that...I miss that...but it was a long time ago.

I am definitely going to look for Valerian root tea or in the dropper form. That is a great idea Gypsy.


Sorry you are having sleep issues. I know that Fred uses Melatonin and finds it useful.

I love cribbage although I haven't played in years. Mom and Uncle John taught me the summer that Grandma Wyatt died. They told me lots of family stories and secrets, too. I always associate cribbage with being in Delaware wtih them - a strangely happy time even though it involved a death in the family.


I had totally forgot about Cribbage, that is a fun game. I have some Tilleul flowers from our tree that I can send you. You make them into a tisane at night and it makes you relax. I hope that school is going well.


I'm loving all your photos! Stunning.
Oh gosh, if I could just muster the will power to not.get.on.the.computer. I will say that having 2 kids and a newborn has totally cut down my computer time tho...

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