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August 14, 2007



Fabric Crayons. Crayola makes some that you draw on paper and then iron transfer to the fabric. Pentel makes fabric crayons that you draw directly onto the fabric to the image isn't reversed during the transfer from paper. If you iron the fabric to shiny side of freezer paper, it will be easier to draw on from the extra support and flattening.


Caroline, thanks for the great ideas! I hadn't even thought about using markers or crayons. I might have to look for some before we head back to France. I had my mom ship me a roll of freezer paper last year so that I could try out freezer paper stencils but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.


I have some fabric paints from forever ago that I will give you as well. They are left over from when MIL tried her hand at doing batiks. I used them a couple of times, but you and Felix can use them to fill in what you draw with the markers.

I am so glad that you doing this too. Together we can brainstorm and come up with some great ideas and be much happier as a result. Being creative is so gratifying!


Riana, maybe we can come up with a barter! I just read about something that is similar to Freecycle but is aimed at parents. It is called Zwaggle. They use a point system to value items. It looks really cool but I think it might be limited to the states. Perhaps we need to start a European Zwaggle!



I love the idea of letting Felix design his own sheets. I bet he'd have fun and be extremely proud of his artwork. Goodness all around.


I sooo relate to the concept of pleasure in shopping. I'm content even just to window shop, or browse a clothing store while I skim my hands across all the fabrics. :)
And that bedding set it to die for. The whole room set up is...clean and modern and perfect. What I pine for right now!


FanTASTic idea. I Love it.

You'll need to research the paint, though. Probably fabric paint would be the go.

You are so bloglined.

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