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August 26, 2007



I know, I know, I have trouble sleeping too, for exactly the same reason. It's a pity we can't sleep sitting up. The minute my head hits the pillow my mind considers it absolutely necessary to write shopping lists, or plan the next 6 months craft ventures.

Drives me bonkers.


shula, I am with you too. I have thought about hitting myself upside the head with a frying pan, but then I would have to decide which *pan* to choose. Ah the decisions, decisions.

Anyway, this post makes me smile, not at you suffering because that sucks, but because you are so dang smart as a whip and doing something about it, I feel an epiphany coming soon.

love the post title :)


I understand where you are coming from with all the choices out there and all the information available for you to choose how to lead your life. What's great is that you are aware and aware of those choices and aware of the possible consequences. A lot of people just join the bandwagon without knowing both sides and the positives and negatives, and I think to make a difference, we need to know all of the aspects involved. Like the Fair Trade movement- I was all about that until I found out that maybe it wasn't as fair as it seems, but getting information about all aspects will help you make an educated decision and even though you can't sleep at night, which stinks, it just shows how much you care about your choices, which is very admirable. You don't follow something blindly and you question and just that I think is making a difference- questioning, pondering, and thinking make a difference. So, keep up the good work and take it as a good sign that you can't sleep!


You have the same insane, obsessive thoughts that I do. I'm known to spend hours trying to give away stuff appropriately (computers, nice dresses, career clothes vs. jeans and t-shirts...). Plastic vs. paper, how to avoid consumption, and the liat goes on. Makes you wish sometimes that you could just bury your head (but then what's in the soil?).


Funny. i was looking at the links on the right sidebar. i followed the link to SFCompact, read about a recycling center where a volunteer grows native plants I grew up right across the street from that little center. This is partially how I became the freak that I am about this stuff.

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