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August 25, 2007



What is Swiss Chard in French? Is is Blette, or bette? I have been wondering this...


Blette is right.


Blette is good like that too and good for you. I have a problem with the miles (or kilometers since we are in Europe)did you read that article in the NYTs about how some things from far away make less of a global footprint than say raising Lambs in England were it is much more effort? I'll go find it for you. It would be great to have a little of the two worlds. Definitely go for local vs organic, because buying that organic apple that sat in a CO2 locker room for 6 months is not doing any of us any good.

Happy eating!!


I would love to check out that article. One thing I really like about Le Campanier is that it is direct from the producer. There is no middle man so in that sense I could see how it might have less of a global footprint. Hopefully, the same goes for the local producers at our market.

Meat has got to be a hard one. I would actually love to be vegetarian again but it is hard to get good meat alternatives in France - especially refried beans. Although I could do those myself...right now, we basically do not eat red meat at home and almost only eat meat when we go to other people's homes.


Could this be the article?


It has a lot of great points many of which I agree with. There is no one answer and like you said a mix of the two is the ultimate goal but I am more interested in increasing my awareness of my local area as well. I, mean, what can be grown in France right now? Do we really know?


Ohhhh, that recipes sounds so yummy. Thank you for sharing!
And thanks for posting the links to these very interesting sites. It is so good to connect to other folks who are thinking consciously, even if we are taking small steps. They all count!


Excellent article. Etienne reads the Economist religiously, I'm surprised he hasn't come across this one yet. What I like is that it brings up points on both sides of the argument.


A Lyon, il existe une association, alter-conso, qui est basée sur le même concept que celui du Campanier, à savoir une rémunération directe des producteurs et un panier "surprise" de saison, à ceci près que tous les produits proviennent au maximum des 80km alentours. Alors évidemment, pas de banane:-) Tout n'est pas bio, mais les agriculteurs pratiquent au moins une agriculture raisonnée, ce qui me parait être un bon compromis.

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