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August 10, 2007



If I had the secret to motivation, I might actually be rich by now! When you spend your day doing the housewife thing running after kids, cooking meals, cleaning up at least the surface, and then doing your own thing by studying or preparing classes or teaching, you are too tired to find the motivation necessary to take on the bigger projects. Proof: We are still sleeping on the floor on a mattress that's 20 years old! Our 'project' is to build our bed this Fall, so hopefully our backpain will be motivation enough to do it!

This sounds silly, but a lot of my motivation comes from blogs! When I see cute pics of an interior or even food pics, it makes me want a neat and tidy house from the inside out. Or, with the PhD exams, when I find myself having an intellectual conversation with someone, it makes me want to go study. Weird that others can influence our motivation in such ways.


I need to do this too. My goal is to get a desk like the one in your photo where the keyboard can go under the desk and be pulled out when needed and I can work on top of my desk on knit projects, sewing projects and I actually have room to write. I've been trying to hold out to see if I can find something used or for sale at a brocante but I doubt I'll find what I want so we'll probably go to Ikea to find what I want. Off the floor is essential. Use wall space to it's full capacities. I know we don't do that enough chez nous.

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