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June 25, 2006



(My son is a teen now but his school has pre-k to middle schoolers...) I see young boys play DIGIMON (try a Google search), that hand held game gadget Game Boy, small battery operated cars w. a very small remote, action figures (usually associated w. whatever popular movie is out), it's baseball season now - maybe baseball cards or something related to it. Depending on their parents - computer games/game systems may be popular. My son used to read alot too, Magic Schoolbus, Captain Underpants, Pokeman books, Arthur, Berenstain Bears,Power Rangers, and books associated w. popular movies (like Lion King).

Long list I know but hope it's a good start - and hope the brave lil man has a good time.


Most of my students are teens, but for most of them, even the youngest ones, when I tell them that I am reading the "Harry Potter" books too, they are thrilled to know that a teacher can be so "cool"!! haha


Well, my son is six and he is totally wrapped up in GI Joe Action figures. Here is a link to a cartoon channel that will put you up on what is popular in the animated world.


And because of the release of the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate stuff is everywhere. And Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Sponge Bob Square Pants is really popular here with the kiddos.


Long time since I had a 6-year-old. . . I'm guessing Superman will be huge this summer, anything pirate-y, plus stand-bys like cars/trucks/rescue vehicles. He IS a brave soul; good for him!!

The Purloined Letter

Um...my 7yo is into blocks and Legos, pirate pretend play, knight pretend play, building with child-sized tools, knitting and spinning, etc.... but I don't think he's exactly typical....

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