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June 24, 2006



Life has a way of throwing these sorts of wonderful things at us. Some are expected, like the fruit that arrives in your backyard in the summer, but some are unexpected, like these jobs. It's a good sign that there is some balance in the world :)

The Purloined

Amazing colors!


Those photos are fantastic! I want to reach through the monitor and grab a couple of raspberries. Mmmmm. Summer is here!


Your photos are extraordinarily beautiful! What is your camera?


Those pics are beautiful!!! Yummy!


Are the small red berries called currants? Are they the same flavor as "cassis?" Your fruits are gorgeous.

The Purloined Letter

Yummy. Amazing pics.

lolita blahnik

Lovely pictures!!! I know I always repeat it but YOUR BLOG IS SO INSPIRATIONAL!!!
My favourite the one of the cranberries ( are these cramberries, you have so many kinds ofberrys, I never know how to called them!!!)


gorgeous! i`m so envious.
(hope you`re enjoying your north american tour with babe.)


i have never seen cherry's on a tree before! those pictures are gorgeous! just stumbled onto your blog.

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