juillet 14, 2007

Adorably cheesy

Adorably cheesy
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Happy sick kid

Happy sick kid
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Felix and Papa

Adorably cheesy
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Cuddles before Papa ran off to a gig!

juillet 12, 2007

One more distraction

Creme Citron....drool.....

Staring at my feet

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This is what today looked like. Well, not exactly. More like me, in the bedroom, at my desk all day. The job anticipation coupled with a few heavy teaching days put me behind in my classes online. So today I was doing homework. All day. I felt such a relief after all my exterior work ended that it is hard to force myself to work here at home. Needless to say, I moved very slowly and distracted myself a lot.

I took a break at one point and wandered around taking photos of the bedroom. Not much came out well, it was a very grey day today but I liked this one. Something about the light coming from my big toe.

juillet 11, 2007

Set the sails...

Got it!

On Monday I had a final interview for a new job* in September. This final interview was, I hoped, the last step in what has been a long process. First, I had to create my resume IN FRENCH. Then, I had to write a motivation letter IN FRENCH. Next I had an interview with the director of the school, representatives of the parents association, and some of the teachers IN FRENCH. Two weeks later they called asking me to come into the school for a day long visit. It went great. I love the school, the staff is nice, and the ambiance is just the right type of controlled-chaos, active learning, creative environment that I love.

Then that was it. Nothing more. During my visit it felt as if I had the job. The way the staff and the director spoke to me about the future made it all feel very definite. But no one had confirmed anything.

Later I was contacted by the president of the parent's association so that we could get together to chat a bit. This was the interview on Monday. We met in Paris and found a little cafe it sit in on the cold, rainy day. Our conversation was fun and animated. I tend to ramble in French because I am never quite sure if I am getting my point across. As we neared the end of the conversation I finally managed to ask, "so, do I have this job?" (It was much more polite and formal than this as it was IN FRENCH.) Her reply was, "Yes, I THINK it has been decided."

THINK? How about just a "yes"?

And today, I received this:

You're hired!

See where it says "votre candidature a été retenue"? I am pretty sure that means - I'm hired!

Ever since I moved to France I have felt a little lost. Leading backpacking trips and teaching ecology was so right for me in the states but that direction of my life changed when I decided to move across the pond. Finding myself again in a place where I started out knowing no one and not speaking the language has been nothing short of challenging. This job represents in so many ways the progress I have made not only in terms of speaking French but also in my ability to navigate my life in foreign waters. I think we might be getting somewhere.

*I will be teaching English at a private school not far from my home. This school uses active pedagogy which means that the I can teach the way that I love to - through movement, creativity, games, nature, music, and more. The school includes levels maternelle (3-5 year olds) up to CM2 (10-11 year olds) with 6 classes of mixed ages. I will be splitting the work with another teacher but I think I will be primarily responsible for the older students. English hasn't officially been taught at the school before so we have the opportunity to develop something really cool. I can't wait.

juillet 08, 2007

Getting past the road-blocks

I am grasping little moments here and there to work on various projects. Today I was inspired to start fixing up this blog a bit. Perhaps it was my fun new purchase that inspired me. Or maybe it is a secret project that I am working on with a friend. Or it could just be the mellowness of another grey day here in France. Whatever the reason, you can see that I managed to make a little progress. (It is far from being finished though.)

We leave for the states in two weeks. I can't wait. Life has been a whirlwind lately and this trip really represents rest and relaxation for me. We plan on staying very low-key with a few trips planned throughout the Northeast but mostly spending the month in Vermont. I hope to find some time to organize my thoughts about this blog. I have a lot of ideas (especially at 2 am) but they take time to implement and a certain level of commitment to see them through. Am I up for it? We'll find out...

Tomorrow is Tibo's 31st birthday. We happen to have a few zucchini ready in the garden so I think it is time to whip out the Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe again. Yum...so good.

In the meantime you can enjoy one of  my favorite things:

My creation